Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world, but people are scared to be in it. It is horrible when relationships are unsuccessful and that unending hurt which befalls after it is what people are afraid of. It is shocking when the one we think we love the most, goes from our lives, and the relationship we consider will last always, doesn’t. People then manage to build barriers around them, making promises that they will never try again their level best to get close to someone ever again. In fact, time settles everything, and every person moves on, so never be dishearten and try to build your best relationship with someone who is born for you. Yet, some of the reasons and relationship advice are given below:



Love will take me at risk


It is observed that when people gets failed to keep on their first love they think that love will always take them at risk. The fact is when a relationship starts, it is not known to anyone where it would move. You would fear if it would last always or if it would end instigating massive pain in our hearts. Thus, you keep yourself strong and don’t allow yourself get passionate though being in love wants you to reveal your vulnerable side, which comprises the matters of your heart. We concern that if we fear about the other person more, we will finish up getting hurt.


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Your past experience


Yes, most of the people avoid being again in love because they always think about their past hurts or previous love experience. When we are falling in love with someone other, we are inclined to recall the past and remember the reasons why we got upset in our previous relationships. It is one factor to be taught from your faults; it’s another thing to be afraid of being yourself. When we have seen our own bad or are trying to recover, we can be scared of starting up to others. We start to think a thousand times before we get close to others as we worry if we would get refused once again.



Love is uneven


If we discuss the fact of love, it is open that no two people love each other equally in a relationship. No, and one person out of the couple could be above in love. This could establish insecurities and on the other hand, if you feel that the other person loves you more than you do them, you are going to concern if your feelings will change for them or if you will end up upsetting that other person. Keep in mind, love is not always equalized one must not worried about such minor details, negative thoughts would only make it difficult for you to endure the relationship.


Tragic childhood memories


Sometimes we doubt ourselves and feel insecure about ourselves because of tragic childhood memories or past relationships. We don’t know the real value of love and we make silent our inner to love openly. Eventually, such things can exhaust us off and destroy our positivity and self-worth. When someone starts to value us, we can act out strange or self-protective. Thus, we are not actually able to change our relationship in the existence of love.


Yes, sometimes it brings real pain


When we are emotionless, it is easier not to let any sort of unhappiness affect us, but on the same note, it gets complex for us to be happy. Many people are afraid of being happy as they realize that something cruel might occur which will devastate their happiness and it would only take them to pain. Love opens us to be delighted about life which is why a part of us could hold out to the worry of feeling extreme sentiments, like displeasure and unhappiness as well.



The most common reason:


Yes, we are afraid of losing them, there are some strange doubts within us, and once we are in love, we don’t want to allow the loved ones go. We are always cheerful when single with nothing to be scared of, but once we get involved with someone, we get fearful of what would happen to us if we lose them. We must realize and stay away from our own fears and not let them distress our life. No doubt the thought of losing our love is frightening, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy the moments of love. Try to be positive about your relationship and enjoy your time that would never come again for sure.