Are you planning a date and want to make it successful? If yes, then you must read this interesting new study about dating. It will solve your question that what to wear on a first date? Before going to date you must make yourself beautiful and young by using Nu Beauty Online Products. A recently gathered data has proved that Black color strikes Red as the color of choice when someone is going to find a new love. Leaving the conventional red for black possibly will help you find love and a likely mate. According to a recent study, black color beats red as the color of choice, especially when it comes to unearthing new love. The study advocates that red surges the perceived sexual interest of the wearer, while black color adds a thought that how fashionable the person is supposed to be.

How the traditional Red lost its worth?

“Red is usually seen as the color of love but recent research has revealed that both black and red are supposed as equally attractive. These two colors may increase good looks in different ways,” said lead researcher Robin Kramer, He is from Britain’s University of Lincoln.

“It is said that Red color may increase alleged appeal through evolutionary ways, dates seem to be relied more seriously on black in order to attract a possible mate, advocating that cultural and societal impacts may play a great role in the way people wear a dress than the use of evolutionary signs.” So, it has solved the problem of what to wear on a first date.

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The outcomes, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, are based on the British TV series “First Dates”, which shows that every single people wear darker shade when going on the date for the first time.

The data shows that there is a larger increase in wearing black clothing, like black dresses, trousers, shoes and other accessories like a purse, watch and so on. The researchers also discovered that now people are giving preference to more black than red, so try to wear black on the occasion of your first date.