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A relationship is one of the most beautiful gifts from God. Our life is incomplete without it. Quotes about love and life give you direction towards a healthy relationship. It actually motivates you to strengthen your relations. In fact, creating a great relationship and getting back to it is not that difficult as many people think about it. We have listed the best quotes about love and life and happiness here. Read, act and share with others to help them in their relations.



Remember the day we first started talking to each other?

‘Cause that’s what started you and I.


relationship love quotes



All relationships have one law.
Never make the one
you love to feel alone,
especially when you’re there.


romantic love quotes for her



We all have at least
one person in our life
who replied late, but
still, we wait for their
message with a smile


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If you want a Relationship
that feels like the most
amazing thing on Earth,
you need to treat it like
it is the most amazing thing
on earth.


quotes about love and life
quotes about love and life


Quotes about love and life


If you want a
Long Term
Follow the
Simple Rule


real life love quotes



Always remember,
someone’s effort is a
reflection of their
Interest in you.


relationship quotes for him



Breakups are not
always meant for
Sometimes they are
meant for


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No matter how busy
you are, if you really
care, you will always
find the time for


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Relationship Status:

Sleeping diagonally across
the queen size bed


romantic love quotes


Date Privately
Court Exclusively
Marry Publicly

A private life is always a happy life!!!


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doesn’t always
mean you’re
wrong and the
other person is
right. It means
you value your
Relationship more
than your ego.


real life relationship quotes
real life relationship quotes



I fell for you
but now I plan
to be with you


cute relationship status for whatsapp
cute relationship status for Whatsapp




If Everybody
Likes You,
You Have a
Serious Problem.


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Find a Heart that will
Love you at your worst
and arms that will
hold you at your


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You’re in a relationship
to be happy, to smile,
to laugh, to make memories,
not to constantly be upset,
hurting and crying.


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A Real Relationship
has Fights, Trust, Faith,
Tears, Pain, Arguments,
Patience, Secrets,
Jealousy and


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If you LOVE someone,
set them free. If they
COME Back they’re Yours;
If they don’t, they
NEVER were.


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“the best feeling in
the world is knowing
that you actually mean
something to someone.”


quotes about love and life and happiness



Being Someone’s First
Love Maybe Great
to be their last is
Beyond Perfect.


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Always effort to keep your relationship strong and faithful. If your relationship is in problems or troubles, all you should try to fix it. If your loved one is angry with you, send these quotes about love and life. Give him/her love gifts, it will surely get back your relations on track.