Bill Gates is an American Investor, Business Magnate, Auther, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist and Principle founder of Microsoft Corporation. He is a great person with a mission to serve communities around the world. Bill Gates Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Success Quotes, Motivational Quotes for Employees, and Life Quotes are the biggest source of inspiration for many of us. Some of the best collections of quotes said by Bill Gates are listed in this blog.


Bill Gates Motivational Quotes


“I Choose a Lazy Person to Do a Hard Job.

Because a Lazy Person will find an Easy Way to do it.”

-Bill Gates


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“If you Can’t Make it Good,

At least Make it Look Good”

-Bill Gates


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“Patience is a Key Element of Success.”

-Bill Gates


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“If You Are Born Poor

It’s Not Your Mistake

But If you Die Poor

It’s Your Mistake”

-Bill Gates


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Top 10 Motivational Quotes



“Life is Not Fair:

Get Used To It”

-Bill Gates


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“Your Most Unhappy Customers

Are Your Greatest Source of 


-Bill Gates


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“Success Is a Lousy Teacher

It Seduces Smart People

Into Thinking, They Can’t


-Bill Gates

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“Television is Not Real Life.

In Real Life People 

Actually, Have to Leave

The Coffee Shop And 

Go to Jobs.”

-Bill Gates


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“I Failed In Some Subjects in Exam,

But My Friend Passed In ALL,

Now He is an Engineer in 

Microsoft and I am the Owner

of Microsoft.”

-Bill Gates


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