The history of adoption the versatile hairstyles is very old, with the passage of time, women altered their hair in diverse lengths and styles. After the end of the Victorian age in 1901, the emergence in automobile gives people a mobility and a lot of sense, thus they pervaded society. The great exchange of culture and traveling gave a new motivation to create new hairstyles, so people opted for different style excessively. Especially, women were more craved to make different styles to have a distinctive look among others. Slowly, the Hairstyles in 20s were additionally got famous, more and more women adopted the prominent and elegant styles to express their feelings.

The Wavy 20’s

From 1900-1910, Time of Changeover:

The huge changeover in hairstyles saw in this decade, the limited styles converted into a lot of new chics. With the progress in the decade, a large number of women elected the very popular short and long hairstyles. They loved to have voluminous hair on the heads, regardless of length. The long hairstyles generally highlighted in the middle of height and long wavy normally hanging below the shoulders. The shorter hair length was till the ears with several styles. Women have often used the barrettes, bows, big and small wide hats to adorn their styles.

Victorian Era

From 1910-1920, Accessories for Hairstyles:

During 1900-1910, the hats and bows were the most popular accessories. Hairstyles in 20s looked more beautiful with these decorations. But moving towards the next decade in mid-1910’s, a great change occurred in the women hairstyles, they totally convert towards the short bob hairstyle. This still stays in fashion for a long time, the range of different and elegant styles for short hair adopted excessively. A large number of women made their hairstyle short bob and they made headband a popular accessory. At that time, “curtain hair” gained a lot of notoriety, by using a headband and jeweled pins, the women made innumerable elegant hairstyles.

Hair in Butterfly Bow

From 1920-1930, Flapper Styles Era:

During the 1920s, a lot of societal changes also affect the hairstyle trends, this is an era when Flapper styles were very famous. The length of hair was medium or short and women used different things to adorn their styles. They also used some sort of jewelry for bold new fashions, flapper styles actually made their attitude carefree. The very famous formal hairstyles were of short length, many women choose the short style for formal and informal events and parties. They used different colors and distinctive hats to make their beauty more good-looking and alluring.

1927s Long Hair Flapper Style

In fact, Hairstyles in 20s gained a lot of popularity and there is no doubt that women of this era have also a cave to opt for the old hairstyles. Because it has a different attraction and after wearing the old hairstyles, women look more unique and adorable. Not only the mid-age and old age women are choosing it, but these days, many of the teenagers often make this hairstyle for the parties.