There are several Early Pregnancy signs that you can experience when you are pregnant. In some women, the early symptoms of pregnancy come in the few days of conception. Sometimes, it takes more time, the situation is different for every woman. In several cases, pregnancy is a happy occasion to be celebrated, and it can be upsetting if the pregnancy test comes negative. There are a lot of symptoms to observe, these can help you out to know that you are pregnant or not? Taking a pregnancy test is the way to know about the condition, but there are some important signs that most of the women witness generally. Some of the most imperative and positive signs that can ascertain the situation are given below.


Missed period


This is for sure one of the clearest early pregnancy signs, many of the women missed their periods when they are pregnant. If you have passed away a couple of months without having periods and if you are missing your period, especially if you’re in the habit of a regular cycle, it can be a clear indication that you are pregnant. Now you should seek a medical check-up, go to your doctor and tell the situation.


Fatigue or exhaustion


When it comes to the Early Pregnancy signs, fatigue and exhaustion are the obvious signs included. If a woman gets pregnant means she is going through the body changing situation. The level of hormones will increase and it will get combined with the changes that are occurring in the body. This situation always makes a woman tired. Fatigue is one of the pregnancy symptoms, it occurs during the very early stage of pregnancy. There is a great need to take naps many times during a day, if you are taking frequent naps, it will surely help to ease your tiredness.


Morning sickness


This situation always starts when a woman gets conceived, it is one of the most well-known early pregnancy signs. If a woman is pregnant, she will feel the symptoms of vomiting and dizziness. Another very early pregnancy signs are constipating, mood swings, headaches, and fainting. If you are undergoing some of these pregnancy symptoms, you should go to the doctor for conducting a pregnancy test. You can keep yourself calm by eating small and frequent meals. Drinking milk and eating saltine crackers can help to stay ease during the situation. However, you should consult with your doctor, so he or she will give you a proper diet plan.


Breast swelling


Swelling of your breast is one of the Early Pregnancy signs, if you have been trying to get pregnant, you will for sure feel swelling of your breasts. This occurs because of hormonal changes, it happens as early as the second week of conception. You may also undergo a sore sensation and you may feel your breasts getting filled and heavy.


Pains and bleeding


Bleeding, cramping and pain are the common pregnancy symptoms, bleeding which also called implantation bleeding normally happens when a fertilized egg is joined to the lining of your uterus between the tenth and the fourteenth day after fertilization. Many of the women get confused when facing implantation bleeding situation, this is why it’s very important to keep yourself fully aware of these developments, so you will stay strain free for sure. You should also know that the implantation bleeding comes lighter in color as compared to the periods. If you are feeling cramped situation with your abdominal, so don’t worry, because you are getting the very early pregnancy signs.




Nausea along with vomiting is the normal feeling that most of the women experience as the early sign of pregnancy. It could occur during any time of the day or night, but commonly it appears in the morning. Some of the women feel vomiting in the morning when they are eating food with an empty stomach. Occasionally they become more sensitive to the cigarette smoke, food, and perfumes.

Keep in mind, hormonal changes in the body are the normal behavior during the first trimester, so make sure you are relaxed mentally and physically. If you are getting strained, you will face difficulties during later stages. Make sure to stay relaxed and take proper diet according to your doctor’s advice. The above said Early Pregnancy signs are described here to help you out, you should take further assistance from your doctor.