1. Add Nuts into Your Diet 

Nuts are incredibly nutritious and have impressive benefits for our health. Nuts are usually rich in unsaturated fats, Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, L-arginine, vitamin E, magnesium, carbohydrate, phosphorus, protein and various other nutrients.

Health Tip

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Studies show that eating nuts can be useful to reduce the weight, bad cholesterol level, and Inflammation. The nutrients in nuts are very beneficial to fight against type 2 diabetes, cancer, Metabolic Syndrome and other diseases. According to research, nuts are very good for heart health and can reduce the risks of dying early from heart disease and stroke. Additionally, antioxidants in almonds and walnuts protect the good fats in your cells from being damaged by oxidation. Adding nuts to your routine diet will also help to boost your immune system and metabolism.

2. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Up to 60% of a human body is comprised of water that helps to maintain the balance of body fluids. The purposes of these bodily fluids are digestion, circulation, transportation of nutrients, and maintain the body temperature.

Drinking the decent quantity of water increases your body energy, brain power, and prevents from sprains and cramps. Water is great for your skin and healthy weight management, it can make your skin moisturize soft, and wrinkles free. Water intake helps your body wash out waste through urination and sweat, furthermore it protects you from urinary tract infections.

Drinking water strong your immune system and relieve headaches often caused by dehydration. A study shows that drinking a good quantity of water can improve your heart health and reduce the risk of certain cancers. A scientific research says that the best time to drink water is half an hour before a meal.

3. Eat more Vegetables and Fruits

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables has been linked to good and strong health. It is true that veggies and fruits are rich in vitamins, prebiotic fiber, minerals, and all sort of antioxidants, which protect against chronical diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

A research shows that people who use most fruits and vegetable in their diet live longer, and have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity and all kind of diseases. Moreover, a good amount of fiber in vegetable and fruits can lower the bad cholesterol level and keep your digestive system happy and healthy.

4. Avoid All Type of Soda

According to a research, one should avoid drinking all type of soda because a bottle of soda contains the equivalent of ten teaspoons of sugar. This amount of sugar, especially in liquid form, increase rapidly the blood sugar and causes an insulin reaction in the body. Over time, this can lead to a heart problem, diabetes, weight gain and other health issues. Moreover, a study shows that soda drinkers had a 70% greater chance to increase in waist circumference than non-soda drinkers.

The phosphoric acid in soda has an ability to absorb the calcium from your body that can also lead to cavities, osteoporosis, and bone softening. It can also relate to slowing digestion, stomach acid and blocking nutrient absorption. Some soda brands use a plentiful amount of caffeine, which can cause irregular heartbeat, breast lumps, cancers, obesity, high blood pressure, and other serious problems. Instead of drinking soda, you must take some fresh fruit or vegetable juices so that you may stay healthy and active in life.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is as important as breathing and eating for a human. It has been observed that some people don’t take enough sleep at night because either they are too busy or doing some other things. Getting enough sleep is very important to keep energetic and good health.

Getting quality sleep has much importance which cannot be neglected. A scientific research has found that people who regularly sleep less than 7 hours per night have 25-30% higher chance of dying of any cause, than people who normally sleep more than 8 hours per night.

Lack of sleep can lead to insulin resistance, reduce your physical and mental performance and throw your appetite hormones out of whack. Though sleep conditions vary from person to person and age, but for staying active and healthy, one should take between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

6. Say No to Processed Junk Food

Nowadays a bigger part of the world’s population has been affected by obesity and lifestyle-related diseases. The reason behind these health issues is obviously changing in the lifestyle and the terrific invasion of junk food in our lives.

No doubt the junk food is appealing us for many reasons, including reasonable cost, comfort, and taste, however, regular use of processed junk food can be addictive for us and lead to complications such as high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol level, chronic sickness, cancer, and diabetes.

If you want to get a healthy and energetic life then you must eat some fruits, vegetables and dairy products instead of eating junk processed food. Take some milkshakes, fresh juices instead of burgers, pizzas and gummy bears. Moreover, eat some dried fruit or plantain instead of potato chips or snacks. Buy some fresh chicken, mutton or beef, cook it at home and enjoy it yourself.

7. Walk More for Better Health

As a study reveals, walking on a regular basis have multiple health benefits, it cannot only improve the physical fitness but also mental and emotional health.

A regular walk helps us to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, early dementia, strokes and heart diseases. It will not only help to reduce the mental stress but also will maintain a higher level of endorphins. A daily basis walk can help to maintain the cholesterol level, blood pressure, and improve the blood circulation as well.

A morning walks also good for your lungs health, moreover, it increases the oxygen flow in the bloodstream and eliminates the waste and toxins. A research shows that walking exercise can be more effective in preventing diabetes. The regular walkers have improvement in glucose tolerance almost 6 times greater than the persons who do not walk. If you walk 30 minutes every day then it will lower the risk of colon cancer and improve your digestion system as well.

8. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is safe and nutritious fat for your health. It is naturally extracted from the olives and about 24% of this oil contain omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.

It is loaded with powerful antioxidants that can boost your cardiovascular health & immune system, improve your vision, memory and cut the risk of dementia. The antioxidant in olive oil is good to strengthen hair and make your liver and kidney healthier. One study says that antioxidants can improve the sperm quality and fertility as well.

Extra virgin olive oil has very good effects on heart health, and people who use olive oil have a very lower risk of dying from strokes and heart diseases. It is true that olive oil does not cause to obesity and weight gain as well.

9. Drink coffee Live Longer

A cup of coffee is a powerful source of healthful antioxidants and brain-boosting. People who consume two to three cups of coffee daily have a 20 percent lower risk of strokes and heart disease as compared to non-coffee drinkers.

People who drink coffee have also a lower risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. According to a new research drinking, two or more cups of coffee daily can decrease the risk of endometrial cancer in women by 25 percent. Researchers have also found that regular coffee drinkers have a lower risk of liver, breast, rectal and colon cancers.

A study found that a suitable amount of coffee helps to reduce the risk of type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. People who regularly drink two or three cups daily had a 50 percent lower chance of diabetes than non-coffee drinkers.

10. Don’t Smoke & Avoid Drugs

Smoking or stimulants drugs are bad for your health. Smoking destroys nearly every organ of the body, according to a medical research, cigarette smoking causes lung cancer and many other health problems. Heart and blood vessel disease, lung disease and strokes are also developed in a human body as a result of smoking and drugs addiction. Besides it, women who smoke cigarettes or take drugs have a more chance of severe pregnancy problems. Smoking can affect the ability to conceive and reduce the fertility in women.

Cigarettes smoking and stimulants drugs contribute to type 2 diabetes and poor blood flow to legs and feet. Smoking is always linked to developing colorectal cancer in the humans. This type of cancer is formed in your intestines and considered the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the USA.

In males, the sexual function could be affected as a result of smoking. According to a medical research, tobacco causes narrowing of your blood vessels, including those which supply blood to the penis.